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Welcome to Outlaw Farm Alpacas!

Summer Breeding Specials

Looking for a spectacular male for breeding? We have studs available for a special price this year. All breedings are $500-$750. Take a look at what we have to offer at Outlaw Farm Alpacas and what we can add to your herd!

Thank you for taking the time to visit us on Openherd.

Every now and then, something just happens and you need a reboot! Well that happened to us in 2018. We sold our home in the suburbs and made the move to the country. We bought a farm in need of much love and started living OUR dream!

While Outlaw Farm Alpacas is relatively young in our ownership of alpacas, our love for this animal began many years ago. I remember driving past Magical Farms in the 1990’s slowing down to catch a glimpse or two of these beautiful creatures. My uncle bought his herd from Magical 20+ years ago, and Outlaw Farm Alpacas began with 4 of those offspring in 2019. In the years that have followed, we have increased the diversity of our herd and have grown to 30 alpacas with 9 crias expected this summer.

At Outlaw Farm Alpacas, we are committed to breed and raise quality alpacas. We breed for a variety of colors, but also for quality. We have champion bloodline herd sires with outstanding composition, dense, fine fleece with great crimp structure and an outstanding group of foundation females.

This summer we will open our farm store and are expanding our agritourism. Past visitors have commented how friendly our alpacas are, often freely offering kisses, hugs and eating from their hands. Our alpacas are more than livestock, they are our family! They are truly loved, cared for and are a wee bit spoiled! They have stolen our hearts and will most likely steal yours too!

For us, raising alpacas is not only a business, but it is also our passion, and encompasses our whole family.

If you are interested in alpaca farming, or would like a few alpacas as pets, just let us know. We would be happy to host you at the farm, share our knowledge, introduce you to our alpaca herd, and let you experience the magical world of alpacas.

The Mesars

~Steve, Jennifer and kids