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Alpaca Walks

Alpaca Walks

Experience alpacas close up and embark on a 30 minute adventure as you take one of our friendly alpacas on a walk around our farm.  Breathe the fresh air and enjoy the quiet and the beauty of the country, relax and de-stress as you embark on the adventure with your hiking buddy.

Why alpaca walk?  Alpaca walking is as exciting as it is peaceful.  It is a delightful, unforgettable experience.  It is a unique outdoor family activity or a great way to celebrate a special event.

What to expect on an Alpaca Walk

Your walking adventure will begin with a short introduction to your halter trained alpaca and some tips on how to properly handle them.  Each of our alpacas has a name and its own personality and charm!  We will start by showing you how to hold the lead, do a few practice rounds in our paddock by the barn and when you're comfortable with your furry friend, we will set out for a stroll through the pastures.  The pastures may be bumpy, rough or even muddy so you'll need good footware (no open toed shoes).

What do you need to know

  • All walks must be pre-booked and are available daily in the summer months in the mornings. In the fall, winter and spring, alpaca walks will be availalbe on weekends. Hours may vary due to weather and the comfort of the alpacas.  
  • Alpacas are herd animals so we always take out a minimum of two.  If you're a single walkers, we will join you so your alpaca has a buddy.
  • Alpaca walks can be as small as 1 person or as large as 8.
  • Children must be at least 12 to walk an alpaca on their own.  
  • Children aged 8-12 may walk an alpaca providing each child is accompanied by an adult, who will have a second lead on the alpaca.  For our younder children, they may walk along with an adult but can not walk an alpaca.  
  • Please wear comfortable, close-toed shoes, boots, or mud boots.  No flip-flops or sandals will be permitted.  
  • Dress for the weather and expect the grass may be wet from morning dew.
  • If the forecast looks bad, we will contact you the evening prior that there is chance we would have to reschedule.  
  • We have a no dog policy on the farm, so please leave your buddies at home.

Learn about alpacas and take some pictures

We are happy to answer your questions about alpacas and our farm.  If you have any, please feel free to ask.  Of couse, you'll want some pictures and we can stop for photos as many times as you like.  Along the walk, you may (probably will) encounter our chickens and goats.  The chickens will move out of your way, but our goat Val is ultra friendly and may tag along!

Experience and Enjoy

Our alpaca walks are $25 per person and can be booked by clicking the link below:

Alpaca Walk Registration

Thursday, May 23, 2024