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Huacaya Alpacas

Cria Female

Sweetest face!
Cria Female Under 1 yr Light Brown Unproven
I see spots!
Cria Female 1 yr White, Medium Fawn Unproven
Harlequin Bloodlines!
Cria Female 1 yr Light Fawn
Pretty and precious bright beige girl!
Cria Female Under 1 yr Beige Unproven

Cria Male

Gorgeous Medium Fawn
Cria Male Under 1 yr Medium Fawn Unproven
Harlequin dark rose gray
Cria Male 1 yr Dark Rose Grey Unproven
Jett Black!
Cria Male Under 1 yr True Black Unproven
Gorgeous Fawn Male
Cria Male Under 1 yr Light Fawn Unproven

Yearling Female

Silver Genetics
Yearling Female 2 yrs Light Brown Unproven

Yearling Male

Deep dark brown!
Yearling Male 2 yrs Dark Brown Unproven
Classic Black and White
Yearling Male 1 yr White, True Black Unproven
Dark Silver Gray Harlequin
Yearling Male 1 yr Dark Brown, Light Silver Grey, True Black Unproven

Open (Female)

Top 15% EPD
Open (Female) 8 yrs Beige Proven
Beautiful Hummingherd Quench 22 daughter
Open (Female) 1 yr White Unproven
Open (Female) 11 yrs Bay Black Unproven
Open (Female) 1 yr Medium Brown Unproven
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Bred (Female)

Gorgeous Dark Brown
Bred (Female) 4 yrs Dark Brown Proven  
Bred (Female) 3 yrs Dark Brown Unproven  
Bred (Female) 7 yrs Light Fawn  
Amazing Black Genetics!
Bred (Female) 4 yrs True Black Unproven  
Amazing Black Genetics!
Bred (Female) 5 yrs True Black Proven  
Stunning Looks!
Bred (Female) 13 yrs Medium Fawn Proven  
True Black Huacaya
Bred (Female) 4 yrs True Black Proven  
Bred (Female) 4 yrs Beige Unproven  
Beautiful Harlequin Gray Girl!
Bred (Female) 6 yrs Beige, Medium Silver Grey Proven  

Herdsire (Male)

Snowmass Elite Legend Bloodlines
Herdsire (Male) 4 yrs White Unproven
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Stud Fee: $500.00
Light Silver Gray with amazing genetics!
Herdsire (Male) 4 yrs Light Silver Grey
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Stud Fee: $500.00
Son of MFI Peruvian Legendary
Herdsire (Male) 4 yrs White Proven
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Stud Fee: $750.00
100% Peruvian
Herdsire (Male) 6 yrs Medium Brown Proven
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Stud Fee: $1000.00
Snowmass Genetics!
Herdsire (Male) 5 yrs Medium Fawn Proven
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Stud Fee: $750.00